Drexel & Associates have carefully crafted a healthcare solution with the employer and its members in mind. We believe in adhering to the simple principle of serving others with the care they deserve.

This is accomplished by placing the customer experience as a top priority. Our focus is to make certain we deliver outstanding customer service at every level and to everyone we have the privilege of serving!

We couple this standard of excellence with establishing an integrated healthcare management solution that results in positive outcomes to an employer's bottom line, while improving the member experience.


We achieve our purpose by guiding your employees through a complex healthcare ecosystem with our personalized member concierge services. Your employees will have an advocate to direct them through every situation as it pertains to their healthcare benefits.

Equally important, we concentrate on your financial needs by focusing on the costs of delivering healthcare services through proper plan administration and plan management, the placement of reinsurance coverage, cost containment protocols combined with the most appropriate reimbursement models, and risk management strategies that will produce real cost savings to the overall healthcare spend for your company without compromising quality of care for your employees. Drexel and Associates has selected best-in-class partners to deliver these services on a seamless platform, and everyone is uniquely aligned in a service-first approach to your company and your employees.

TRUCARE is a self-funded plan program anchored with a level funded contract.

Your company will never pay more than your pre-determined monthly cost. This provides a stabilized cash flow for your company as it pertains to funding your healthcare plan.

After all claims are paid for the year, the unused money in the claim fund is returned back to the company - not just a portion, but 100%!


While a traditional self-funded plan may feel too great of a risk for some employers, Drexel & Associates believes that every business deserves to enjoy the benefits that come with a self-funded solution. With level funding, your company can gain access to claims data, make plan adjustments based on plan performance and enjoy savings like never before, all while paying consistent monthly payments.